Salto Trampoline

The original Salto-Trampoline, invented and developed by Air Games Maxi Fun s..r.l., has been marketed for several years. 
We installed the first bungy trampoline at our amusement park at the Spider Bridge, in 1993. 

The Salto Trampoline is protected by an international patent and a deposited mark (IFPI number 126399) dated September 16, 1999. We also signed an exclusive licence and collaboration agreement with Mr. Frank Bare II, a 4 time Olympic trainer and the original inventor of the BAB system for the use of his patent. The market is expanding constantly and is far from its saturation point. The Salto Trampoline is built from quality materials (aluminum and stainless steel) to the highest safety standards and benefits from the Swiss Made label and numerous international safety controls. Several hundred Salto Trampolines have already been delivered in more than 40 countries.