Publicity support

The Salto Trampoline is very simple to use and the operator's manual is very clear and well-explained. It is equipped with an efficient client control apparatus, using a counter and a timer (option). Location options are numerous: attraction parks- beaches - sales promotions - swimming pools - summer camps - schools - discotheques - fairs - festivals - camping grounds - acrobatic training - water parks - gymnastics - rental for events, outdoors and indoors, you can invent your own location. 

This is a sure-fire money-maker. Just like on the Salto-Trampoline, your earnings will soar! As a new attraction and an excellent publicity support, it draws the crowds. 

The Salto-Trampoline, with a small initial investment, is the most profitable attraction available at this time. Its working expenses are very low and you have a rapid return on your investment. 

Please contact us for an offer (with no obligations) or for any other information.